Get Mobile Alerts!

Text USWRAPID to 69866

We don't text often - only when it really counts!

Message and data rates may apply. You can opt out by texting STOP at any time.

For best results, write the following on a large sheet of paper as a point of reference for those in the audience: Text: uswrapid To: 69866.

Then, announce the following instructions to your audience:

  1. Have everyone get out his or her cell phone. Get yours out as well for demonstration purposes. Remind everyone that we’re not replacing emails, but just adding one more way to get information quickly for those who want it.

  2. Tell everyone to text uswrapid to the number 69866. Once people do this, they’ll get an auto-response asking for their name and address so we can put them in the right legislative districts. Rapid Response texts are the same as any text to a family member or friend. Standard messaging and data rates apply. Members can opt out anytime by texting STOP.

  3. Get text alerts from Rapid Response! We don’t text often, only when key issues are happening.