Local Union Communicator Resources

The presentations listed below were presented at the last USPA conference and are available to all local union communicators to help them in their efforts to effectively reach their members. 

Note: click on the title of the presentation to view it as a PDF.

The Write Stuff
Discover the right ways to develop content for your local’s digital communications tools.

Feeding the Beast
Tips for effectively connecting and generating content for your local union networks.

Say Cheese!
Video and photo basics.

Print Newsletters
Click the links for a newsletter template and for content suggestions.

Press Releases
Dealing with the media: media relations for USW locals.

WTF is a Hashtag?
Dive deep into Twitter and discover the ever-changing world of hashtags!

From making great posts, to dominating the comment section.

The Fine Print
Online privacy and legal tips.

Union Plus
A review of Union Plus benefits available to all USW members.

Building bigger, better text messaging campaigns.