Pence Points to Vocational Training as Bipartisan Opportunity

Melissa Gilliam

Melissa Gilliam Intern, AAM

Vice President Pence highlighted the importance of vocational education in addressing manufacturing’s skilled labor shortage during a Politico Playbook interview on Tuesday.

“The challenge we have in a growing economy -- an economy that’s expanding, last quarter 3.5 percent -- is workforce,” Pence said.  “Everywhere I go I have businesses saying to me, ‘We’re hiring. We’re expanding.’ … It’s difficult to find people.”

Pence stated that out of seven million job openings, six million people are looking for employment and that vocational education represents an opportunity for bipartisanship, as seen with the recently signed bipartisan water infrastructure bill.

Indeed, manufacturers need more skilled workers and vocational training programs, and the Trump administration is wise to address these issues as manufacturing boasts resounding bipartisan support, according to recent polling data.

We couldn't agree more that it is time for manufacturing to be a leading focus in Congress, regardless of what party takes the House. It’s not about red or blue; it’s about supporting America’s workers and the manufacturing industry, which presents a critical pathway to the middle class for so many Americans. 

Check out our new video below for more on why a thriving manufacturing industry in America is so important to our nation.


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Union Matters

Get to Know AFL-CIO's Affiliates: National Association of Letter Carriers

From the AFL-CIO

Next up in our series that takes a deeper look at each of our affiliates is the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Name of Union: National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC)

Mission: To unite fraternally all city letter carriers employed by the U.S. Postal Service for their mutual benefit; to obtain and secure rights as employees of the USPS and to strive at all times to promote the safety and the welfare of every member; to strive for the constant improvement of the Postal Service; and for other purposes. NALC is a single-craft union and is the sole collective-bargaining agent for city letter carriers.

Current Leadership of Union: Fredric V. Rolando serves as president of NALC, after being sworn in as the union's 18th president in 2009. Rolando began his career as a letter carrier in 1978 in South Miami before moving to Sarasota in 1984. He was elected president of Branch 2148 in 1988 and served in that role until 1999. In the ensuing years, he worked in various roles for NALC before winning his election as a national officer in 2002, when he was elected director of city delivery. In 2006, he won election as executive vice president. Rolando was re-elected as NALC president in 2010, 2014 and 2018.

Brian Renfroe serves as executive vice president, Lew Drass as vice president, Nicole Rhine as secretary-treasurer, Paul Barner as assistant secretary-treasurer, Christopher Jackson as director of city delivery, Manuel L. Peralta Jr. as director of safety and health, Dan Toth as director of retired members, Stephanie Stewart as director of the Health Benefit Plan and James W. “Jim” Yates as director of life insurance.

Number of Members: 291,000 active and retired letter carriers.

Members Work As: City letter carriers.

Industries Represented: The United States Postal Service.

History: In 1794, the first letter carriers were appointed by Congress as the implementation of the new U.S. Constitution was being put into effect. By the time of the Civil War, free delivery of city mail was established and letter carriers successfully concluded a campaign for the eight-hour workday in 1888. The next year, letter carriers came together in Milwaukee and the National Association of Letter Carriers was formed.

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There is Dignity in All Work

There is Dignity in All Work