Free College Benefits for Steelworkers

The USW Free College program offers a debt-free and convenient higher education opportunity for current and retired union members, and their families.

Click here for a downloadable PDF flyer you can share with your members and their families.

Eastern Gateway Community College offers online associate degree programs, and will work with you to ensure that any previous college work or relevant work or military experience counts toward your degree. You can choose either 8 week or 16 week classes, and 24/7 access means you can work on assignments any time of day, anytime during the week.

And now you or your family member(s) can complete a Bachelor's Degree with no cost! Degree completion programs are currently offered through Paul Quinn College, Central State University, and Franklin University. Franklin University also offers and RN to BSN program

Family members do NOT need to be financial dependents or living with the member to be eligible.

Visit the USW Free College Website to get started: