Take Advantage of Dislocated Worker Programs

Your employer or union can enlist the services of the state government to bring in dislocated worker experts to assist as workers lose their jobs in situations where a facility is closing or there is a substantial layoff. In order to initiate these services, your state’s Dislocated Worker Unit or state Rapid Response team will need to know of the impending layoffs (Note: This is not the same as the USW Rapid Response program).

These sessions provide information and guidance on unemployment insurance, health insurance options, access to training and skill upgrading services and more and can be a critical first step for impacted workers in terms of qualifying for services going forward. State Rapid Response programs may also provide direct advice and assistance for laid off workers.

If your local runs into any problem accessing these services, they should be aware that each state’s AFL-CIO has a relationship with these state agencies. The state AFL-CIO can be a helpful resource for guidance and assistance.

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