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Walmart's Business Model Pushes Wages Down; Increases Reliance on Public Assistance

Progressive talk show host Leslie Marshall and USW International Vice President of Human Affairs Fred Redmond discussed low-wage workers, food drives for employees and rising inequality.

Their opening discussion dealt with a Walmart store in Ohio conducting a food drive for its own employees. The company boasts profits of nearly $16 billion per year and is owned by the richest family in the world, yet its underpaid employees often rely on acts of charity to help provide for their holiday dinner.

“One of the problems with Walmart is their disdain for organized labor,” said Redmond. “Not allowing workers to have a true voice in the workplace has really put these workers at a disadvantage.”

They talked about the aggressive tactics of the company to control labor costs by paying low wages with inconsiderate benefits to their employees.

“And as the largest private sector employer in the United States, Walmart’s business model really exerts considerable downward pressure on wages throughout the retail sector and the economy,” said Redmond.

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