Negotiations Break for 2015; Talks to Resume January 4th


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Since June of this year, we have been in continuous bargaining with ArcelorMittal, and although we have made some progress and reached agreement on some issues, the major issues still remain unresolved.

This has been and will continue to be an effort that deserves our close attention and support. It has not been easy on any of you or us, but it is a struggle that is worthwhile in terms of our future.

We should all recognize that the industry is extremely challenged at this time, but we have worked diligently with ArcelorMittal and the rest of the industry to require the government to enforce the trade laws and to provide relief from illegal trade and have been successful in some cases.

We have also offered the company a series of solutions that would reduce the fixed cost of making steel and reduce labor costs while maintaining our economic security, our standards of living and protect the health care benefits of both active and retired employees – including future retirees.

Unfortunately, the company has ignored our good faith efforts and demanded concessions that far exceed their needs. Much of our discussions have centered on combining the Program of Insurance Benefits (PIB) for both active and retired employees.

Our proposals would protect our benefits and save the company millions of dollars per year in administrative costs. We have also offered proposals that would save millions of dollars per year in operational costs, while protecting the jobs and earnings of our members.

We will leave Pittsburgh and adjourn negotiations with ArcelorMittal until January 4th. Be assured that our union will continue its fight to stop unfair trade from further damaging our industry, and we remain united against management’s demands for unfair and unnecessary concessions. We need and urge your continued solidarity in our effort to achieve a fair and just contract.

As most of you already know, this week the company announced changes in top management that will take effect early next year. We do not expect these changes to impact our bargaining substantially, and we will continue our good faith efforts to negotiate a fair agreement when we return to Pittsburgh.

In the meantime, we wanted to provide a report on where we stand with ArcelorMittal management on the following disputed issues when bargaining resumes on January 4th.



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