Locked Out Honeywell Workers Look to September Talks For Possible Settlement - 09-01-16

[Brian Rogers]: "Local media's not very welcoming for us. They run right out and tell Honeywell's side of the story but they don't really tell ours. So a lot of folks locally think that we're on strike.  And you have to explain to them that we're more than willin' to go back to work while we try to come to an agreement for this. So we really are trying to work with them regardless of what they say in their press releases."

That's Brian Rogers, Recording Secretary for UAW Local 9 in South Bend, Indiana. Three hundred sixteen UAW members are in day 115 of a lockout by Honeywell. They didn't go on strike. Honeywell demanded that they give up some UAW jobs to outsourcing and accept healthcare changes making it more expensive for the workers and giving Honeywell the right to change it at anytime. Honeywell also refused to participate in a UAW health and safety program to protect workers on the job. When the workers voted not to accept those terms, Honeywell locked them out. ... full article

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