Statement on Continued Lockout of UAW Members at Honeywell

Despite UAW members making a good faith effort to return to bargaining with Honeywell, the company, through a press release issued Aug. 27, continues to show that it does not intend to end the lockout that has affected nearly 360 working men and women.

Instead of working to resolve outstanding issues, the company’s press release blames the union for the lack of bargaining sessions and attempts to bargain in the press by criticizing the UAW for rescinding two tentative agreements.

The real story is that during the last three bargaining sessions, after it locked out employees, Honeywell made clear that it is unwilling to move on health care — the issue that most divides the parties. Honeywell has insisted that it retain the right to unilaterally change or terminate medical and other benefits during the term of the collective bargaining agreement. What is really happening here is that Honeywell has repeatedly refused to end the lockout while bargaining continues.

Since the last bargaining session, the company has made no indication that it has a new proposal on any topic of negotiations. The union, meanwhile, has never turned down a request by the company to meet.

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