Solvay workers at Texas plant vote to join USW

Workers at Solvay’s plant in Pasadena, Texas, overwhelmingly voted to join the USW in a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election Nov. 5, 2017. The USW will represent more than 23 workers at the facility.

“The workers were able to exercise their right to form a union because Solvay agreed to uphold workers’ right to organize in the renewal of its Global Framework Agreement (GFA) last February,” said USW International Vice President Carol Landry. “Workers will organize when they are not threatened by negative and false company messages.”

When Solvay signed the renewal of the GFA for a five-year period, it committed itself to socially-responsible business practices, sustainable development, basic labor and social rights—including the right to organize— International Labor Organization social standards and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.  The company also expects its suppliers and subcontractors to observe these standards.

Landry was instrumental in negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Solvay’s U.S. operations and having it attached to the GFA. The MOU commits the company’s U.S. managers to follow the GFA provisions, including the right to organize.      

The Pasadena plant opened in November 2015, and operates a large-scale, “on pipe” alkoxylation unit to supply alkoxylates—chemicals used as emulsifiers, detergents and wetting agents—for Solvay’s Novecare specialty surfactants.







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