One Hundred and Forty Years Union Strong

Glass Blower

One hundred and forty years ago, July 1, 1878, to be exact, a determined group of skilled glass workers met in Pittsburgh, Pa. The result was the formation of the American Flint Glass Workers Union.

The “Flints," as they became known, were one of the six original organizations that formed the Knights of Labor, which later became the American Federation of Labor.

The Flints led the fight to establish child labor laws in the United States. In addition, they can make a legitimate argument that they invented Glass 2collective bargaining as we know it today.

In 1903, the AFGWU bargained the Star Island Agreement which contained provisions that laid the groundwork for today's grievance and arbitration process.

Fifteen years ago, in June of 2003, these same glass workers met once again in Pittsburgh and approved a merger with the United Steelworkers of America, creating the USW Glass Industry Conference allowing these workers to continue the fight for social justice and assuring dignity and respect for workers toiling in our nation’s glass factories."

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