3M Maplewood Local Makes Progress In Contract Talks

Local 11-075 at 3M’s Maplewood, Minn., maintenance facility began negotiations April 15, 2019, in advance of the mid-August expiration of the existing collective bargaining agreement. Despite the early start, the local is still bargaining seven months later.

Local 11-075 President Thomas Heimer remains optimistic that the group could reach a fair agreement soon. He said the two sides have made progress. Talks resumed Nov. 22.

The negotiations impact some 200 USW members who handle maintenance for 3M’s headquarters facility, which consists of about 40 buildings and is growing. These workers are machinists; electricians; systems personnel; heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialists; millwrights; calibration technicians and utility employees.

While the local works under a contract extension, it continues to push back on company proposals such as contract term, sick leave, clocking into work and pay for certain job classifications.

“On day one of bargaining, the company came at us with 100 proposals on the table. We gave them six or seven items. It’s been a long battle, but we’re still bargaining,” Heimer said.

Several weeks ago, the local held an informational meeting to update the membership. Heimer said about 50 members attended and that the meeting went well. He advised that members keep up-to-date on negotiations and contact him via the local’s website at www.uswlocals.org/local1175.

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