Election Protection Helps Voters Navigate Issues on Election Day

The national, nonpartisan Election Protection Coalition works so all voters have an equal opportunity to participate in the political process. Made up of more than 100 local, state and national partners, Election Protection works year-round in all 50 states to advance and defend our right to vote.

On and before Election Day, their voter assistance hotlines and other tools connect voters with trained, legal one-on-one assistance with questions or problems that may arise, and are offered in four languages.

Please share this information with your family, your community and at the polls on Election Day.

  • Election protection hotlines:
    866-OUR-VOTE or 1-866-687-8683 (English)
    888-VE-Y-VOTA or 1-888-839-8682 (Spanish)
    888-API-VOTE or 1-888-274-8683 (Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog)
    844-YALLA-US or 1-844-925-5287 (Arabic)
  • Text the message MYVOTE to the phone number 866-687-8683
  • Tweet @866OurVote
  • Live chat at 866ourvote.org (upper right corner of the website under the phone number)

Based on voter feedback, Election Protection identifies the most common issues voters encounter (from language assistance to a misunderstanding of the rules by volunteer poll workers) and gives counties and the state a chance to come up with solutions.

If you have issues casting your ballot on Election Day, please contact Election Protection.

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