December Update from SOAR President Bill Pienta

It’s a Strange, Strange World

You have probably seen reports about the snow we recently received in Western New York. While waiting for the snow to stop falling, I spent some time thinking about some things I usually would not waste my time thinking about. But, since I did, I thought I would share them with you.

I decided to do a little math once I heard that Jeff Bezos gave away $100 million as he made the decision to give away his money. I understand he didn't need to do anything, and it is more than other wealthy people do, but for him, it is not a lot of money. He will need to change his strategy if he plans to give away $100 million per year, as he would need to live another 1,223 years and still die as a billionaire. I wonder what an extra 100 billion dollars would do for the Social Security Trust Fund?

I also wonder if anyone really thinks that all those phone calls that Seniors are receiving are actually from Medicare? Why would the Government hire so many people who have such a poor command of the English language? If they are from Medicare, why do they need your Medicare number? Don't they already have it?

What about TV commercials? Is there anyone who really believes that an insurance company, which exists to make a profit for the owners/shareholders of the company, really wants to provide you with excellent coverage for free? If it were true that one insurance company provided the best coverage and was free, I don’t think they would need to advertise.

Finally, political advertisements really bother me. The people running for office are applying for a job, and they want us to hire them. Would you hire someone who came in for a job interview and all they did was talk about how bad your current employee is?

Please stay safe and enjoy this Holiday Season! And thank you for all that you do to promote and support SOAR.

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