April Update from SOAR President Bill Pienta

It’s That Time of Year When We Will Converge in Washington, D.C., Some Good, Some Not So Good!

The good is that the 2023 SOAR Executive Board Meeting will be held June 10-11 in conjunction with the 2023 USW Rapid Response, Legislative & Policy Conference on June 11-14. For more information about this Conference, please contact your District Rapid Response Coordinator or SOAR Executive Board Member. 

We have contacted the USW District Directors and recommended sending additional SOAR activists to the Conference this year due to the “No Cuts to Retirement Security” campaign we recently rolled out with Rapid Response. The bad, as always, is that some of our legislators seem to think programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are entitlements. We need to remind them that these programs are our hard-earned benefits.

We’ve also contacted all our Chapter Presidents, letting them know that SOAR will lead in this struggle. We ask that all our SOAR Chapters adopt the “No Cuts to Social Safety Net Programs Like Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid.” See beginning on Page 15 of this newsletter for information and materials meant for this action. 

You can still take action if you are a member but not with a chapter. Rapid Response has made it easy for us; go to http://usw.to/NoCuts and show these legislators what our SOAR members are made of!

Legislatively, it’s an important year for retirees; let’s be prepared to respond to the challenge ahead.

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