August Update from SOAR Director Julie Stein

Conceding Nothing on Our Retirement Security

Debt ceiling negotiations concluded in June with President Biden and our allies in Congress conceding nothing with regard to Social Security and Medicare.

This comes after five months of activism by Steelworker members and retirees, as well a major push during our annual Rapid Response Conference to urge lawmakers to stand strong against the calls of some in Congress who have long sought to undercut the programs. 

Additionally, on April 20, Dave McLimans, a former local union president (USW 1165 in Chester, Pennsylvania) and current SOAR District 10 Executive Board Member, testified in front of the U.S. Senate Aging Committee.

In his testimony, McLimans, a Vietnam Veteran, strongly opposed the efforts of some in Congress to cut vital programs like Social Security and Medicare, saying, “I didn’t serve my country, work and pay taxes for forty-four years just to let my voice fade away or see younger generations lose benefits I fought for my whole life.”

McLimans spoke in detail about our union’s longstanding commitment to defending every workers’ right to retire with dignity, ranging from our unrelenting defense of Social Security and Medicare to our successful efforts to pass the Butch Lewis Act, which rescued the pensions of nearly 3 million workers and families, including 120,000 active and retired USW members.

Concluding his testimony, McLimans reminded the committee that, “we are the richest democracy on earth, we can afford to allow workers to retire with dignity.”

USW International President, Tom Conway, issued a statement praising the agreement, and celebrating the hard work of USW members and retirees to ensure all Americans continue to enjoy the right to retire with dignity.

In Conway’s words, Biden “reached across the aisle and found a path forward that allows our nation to meet its obligations without many of the cruel and unnecessary cuts.”

“USW members worked diligently over the past five months calling on our leaders to preserve key programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. We’re grateful that President Biden listened to working Americans and held firm on these issues.”

Thanks to all the SOAR chapters who signed onto the “No Cuts to Retirement Security” campaign! 

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