Rapid Response Action Call: USW Supports H.B. 1481; Pennsylvania State Representatives Should Too

Addressing our core issues legislatively will level the playing field for Pennsylvania’s working families and put them on the right path to secure and build the middle class.

One of our fundamental core issues is our right to collectively bargain for better working conditions and benefits. H.B. 1481, as discussed in our previous InfoAlert: Building Power at the Bargaining Table, means big opportunities to gain leverage during the negotiating process.

Workers locked out of their jobs by their employers should not have to bear the financial burden of total lost income when a decision is made completely outside of their control. Legislation like PA H.B. 1481, recently introduced by State Representatives Mandy Steele and Dan Miller, would allow workers who are unemployed due to a labor dispute to be eligible for unemployment compensation (UC) benefits. This means locked out workers would be immediately eligible for UC benefits, and striking workers would be eligible after a 30-day waiting period, allowing them to help sustain the work stoppage.

There was a press conference held earlier today discussing the immediate need for passing H.B. 1481 for locked out and striking workers. We made sure our voices were heard and we need your help to push H.B. 1481 over the finish line.

Most workers will go their entire careers without collecting any UC benefits, despite paying into the system diligently. Tell your state representative to support H.B. 1481, giving workers the right to their earned safety net.

Prove to Pennsylvania’s private sector workforce that their right to strike will be both legally and practically protected.

Contact your PA State Rep

Click here to send a letter -- let’s push Pennsylvania H.B. 1481 over the finish line. 

(The email is already written, so taking action is easier than ever.)

For additional information, please contact District 10 Rapid Response Coordinator, Maurice Cobb at mcobb@usw.org.

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