USW Applauds OMB’s Plan to Strengthen Domestic Content Requirements

Workers across every facet of our economy, including hundreds of thousands of USW members, are ready and willing to help our nation meet its needs.

USW’s Tentative First Contract with Tech Firm HCL Improves Wages, Job Security

The tentative agreement represents the hope of a bright future for workers seeking to organize unions to negotiate for better pay, benefits and working conditions, no matter what industry or occupation.

Pitt Faculty Looks Forward to Holding Election to Join USW

The decision to hold an election follows years of relentless anti-union efforts by the Pitt administration aimed at preventing such a vote from taking place.

USW Members Ratify New Contract with ATI

Our members today ratified a new four-year contract with specialty steel maker Allegheny Technologies Inc., (ATI) that raises wages, provides lump-sum payments and protects affordable, high-quality health care for current and future workers. More...

Steelworkers Reach Tentative Agreement with ATI to End Three Month Unfair Labor Practice Strike

The unity of USW members at ATI has proven that we can accomplish great things when we stand together to fight for the respect and dignity of a fair contract.

USW reaches effects bargaining agreement with Viatris over Morgantown facility closure

The United Steelworkers union (USW) today announced that it reached a final agreement with Viatris over the effects of the company’s decision to close its formerly Mylan-owned pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Morgantown, W. Va.

USW Welcomes House Passage of INVEST in America Act, Calls for Continued Action on Infrastructure

This is the kind of forward thinking that we need as we engage in what must be a larger, ongoing effort to rebuild our infrastructure, revitalize our communities and reinvigorate our economy.

USW: Infrastructure Deal a Critical Step in Process

After so many years of inaction from the White House, it is a welcome relief that the Biden administration is clearly committed to getting this done, but there is much more work to do before we can celebrate.

USW Seeks Swift Action on Back Pay for Workers in U.S. Virgin Islands

Today we urge officials of the U.S. Virgin Islands to quickly hammer out a plan for paying back wages to government workers subjected to illegal pay cuts during a fiscal crisis a decade ago.

USW Applauds ITC’s Final Determination on PVLT Tires from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

The USW filed antidumping and countervailing duty petitions against the four countries on May 13, 2020. Seven representatives of the USW, including USW International President Tom Conway, testified in support of the petitions at an ITC hearing last month.

NLRB Issues Amended Complaint against Google Contractor HCL

This week’s amended complaint includes a request for an extraordinary remedy: an order to restore the work sent overseas. The complaint also includes a new allegation that HCL unlawfully froze wages in 2020.

NLRB to Prosecute New Complaint against Tecnocap; Appeals Court Upholds 2018 Illegal Lockout Determination

On Sept. 13, 2021, an administrative law judge will hear the NLRB’s case against Tecnocap for violations of federal labor law that include unilaterally slashing employee health benefits and requiring union members to work 12-hour shifts.

USW Members at Google Contractor HCL Meet with VP Harris Labor Secretary Walsh

USW, Mississippi Polymers Reach Return to Work Agreement, Extend Contract

As part of the deal, more than 100 members of USW Local 759L will return to work Monday, June 14.

USW Welcomes Made in America Waiver Guidance

Increased Transparency, Consistency Vital to Promoting Domestic Manufacturing.

USW: OSHA’s new emergency temporary standard a huge step for worker safety

Our nation’s essential workers kept America running through one of our darkest times. We applaud President Biden’s leadership on this issue and commend OSHA for finally taking real action to keep them safe.

USW Welcomes Results of Critical Supply Chain Reviews

The USW commends the Biden administration for directly tackling the problem of our nation’s long-neglected supply chains and identifying concrete steps to shore up crucial vulnerabilities.

USW Blasts Mississippi Polymers’ Decision to Lock Out Workers

On June 4, Mississippi Polymers refused to allow workers on the job after they voted down a proposal with unreasonable changes to their health insurance and reducing their job security.

USW stands with Trans youth, workers this Pride Month and beyond

As we work to protect and empower the next diverse generation of workers, it is up to each and every one of us to build a society in which we can all take pride.

USW Calls for, Wins Greater Accountability on ExxonMobil Lobbying

ExxonMobil shareholders approved a resolution introduced by the USW and seven co-filers calling for company to disclose which organizations it supports for lobbying efforts, a necessary step in providing greater worker safety and corporate accountability.