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USW Locals 266, 10-422 & 2-469 – Appvion Council Meets in Pittsburgh

The three local unions that comprise the Appvion Council met in Pittsburgh on January 24th. The locals discussed how the recent bankruptcy filing has impacted their respective workplaces. Anthony Resnick from the USW Legal Department came in to answer questions from the local leaders in regards to how the bankruptcy affects outstanding ESOP and Retirement claims issues.

Appvion filed for bankruptcy in late October last year, which we previously reported on in the MMM. Appvion is the largest producer of thermal paper in the United States and one of the three largest in the world.

USW Local 1035-03 – PCA – Lancaster, PA

Assistant to the President and PCA Council Chair, Leeann Foster, spent some time with Local 1035-03 in Lancaster, PA last week. As part of the follow up from the recent master agreement top company and union leadership along with the staff and locals are convening meetings with the three box with the highest overtime percentages to discuss overtime, staffing and training issues are being discussed at box plants. The Local Union brought many ideas to the table on how to best hire, retain new hires, address staffing, training and production issues that are leading to the overtime. From left in the photo below are Local Leaders Shelby Ile, David Bailey, Pete Bonilla and Freddy Morales. The learnings from these meetings and outcomes will be shared with the other PCA plants that are facing similar overtime situations.


Special Thanks Go Out to USW Local Union #2-16 and Neenah Paper – Appleton, Wisconsin for Sharing the Information and Photos Below

One of their sister mills had a hand injury a few years back with a winder. The winder helper was making a splice and his fingers went in the in-going nip between the roll and drum. The injured was able to immediately kick the emergency stop cable that was in the bucket to stop the winder. Unfortunately, he still had a bad injury. Since that incident, all of the facilities have installed a safety light curtain and the emergency stop cable.

The photo just below, shows an emergency stop cable inside the bucket of the winder. If something were to happen, the winder helper is able to kick this cable and it will stop the winder.

The second and third photos show the safety light curtain. Should a worker’s hand cross through these light curtains during a splice, it will shut down the winder. The light curtains are active whenever the core chucks are engaged and the winder is in the “Thread Mode.”

Industry Update

Kimberly-Clark Restructuring and Cutting 12-13% of its Workforce

Kimberly-Clark released its 2018 Oulook Report and Global Restructuring Program on January 23rd. The report included plans to cut 5,000-5,000 jobs, which is 12-13% of its total workforce.

The program is expected to broadly impact all of the company's business segments and organizations in each major geography. The savings are incremental to the company's ongoing FORCE cost savings program.

The company expects to close or sell approximately 10 (yet to be identified) manufacturing facilities and expand production capacity at several others to improve overall scale and cost. As part of the program, Kimberly-Clark expects to exit or divest some low-margin businesses that generate approximately 1 percent of company net sales. The sales are concentrated in the consumer tissue business segment.

To implement the restructuring program, the company expects total cash spending of $1,500 to $1,700 million by the end of 2020, consisting of $900 to $1,000 million in pre-tax cash restructuring charges and approximately $600 to $700 million in incremental capital spending.

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