Facts about paycheck deception and payroll dues deduction

Paycheck deception is nothing more than a gateway to so-called "right to work" and is being proposed in many states as a way to bankrupt unions by prohibiting payroll deduction for union dues and fees. These types of laws are forcing unions to spend more resources collecting dues so they have less ability to advocate for workers.

The provisions of each Paycheck decpetion bill can vary from state to state, but in many the bills don't just place limits on dues, but all types of deductions, including charitable donations, 401K investments, direct deposit and even political contributions -- which severly restricts the ability of organized workers to particiapte in politics. Organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and American Legislative Exchange Council began proposing these bills in the late-1990's as a way to remove the collective voice of workers all together from state politics.

If working people and unions don't have funds to lobby Congress on issues that directly impact them, their jobs and their families, but corporations do, who do you think your lawmakers will listen to?