Issue 16: May 27, 2020

Human Rights Monitors Spotlight ASARCO and Grupo Mexico 

In recent weeks, the IBT and USW have conducted outreach to organizations which report on corporate social responsibility, calling their attention to labor and environmental abuses of ASARCO and its parent company, Grupo Mexico. 

The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRC), with headquarters in London and New York, is one of the organizations dedicated to exposing and eliminating human rights violations at workplaces. Following contact with our unions, the BHRC is featuring our unfair labor practice strike on its website and newsletter. 

The BHRC invited ASARCO and Grupo Mexico to respond to our allegations of bad faith bargaining and other unfair labor practices, but neither company has responded. 

The BHRC monitors corporate human rights abuses worldwide and employs researchers in the United State and Mexico. Its website, which now includes information about our labor dispute, receives 365,000 views each month. 

The post on Asarco from the BHRC’s weekly newsletter is here: 

The newsletter has 18,000 subscribers around the world, including human rights activists, businesses, government agencies and investors. The BHRC is translating the ASARCO/Grupo Mexico materials into Spanish for distribution throughout its network in Latin America. 

The BHRC is committed to demanding accountability from companies like ASARCO and will continue to work with our unions to publicize ongoing violations of labor rights. 

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