Volume 2, Issue 9: June 17, 2022

ASARCO Seeks to Illegally Withdraw Recognition, Unions File New NLRB Charges

ASARCO has attempted to unlawfully and inappropriately withdraw recognition of the union, and the USW will challenge this unfair labor practice by filing charges with the National Labor Relations Board.

The company’s position for withdrawing recognition is preposterous because the union continues to enjoy majority support among bargaining unit employees.

Furthermore, years of unremedied unfair labor practices, which are now the subject of a Fifth Consolidated Complaint against ASARCO, have tainted any evidence that would support the company’s claim.

Secondly, we have filed additional unfair labor practice charges over wage increases that ASARCO unilaterally granted to certain employees at Silver Bell without giving the union notice or an opportunity to bargain over the change. 

We do not object to improving wages, but all bargaining unit employees deserve fair pay and have earned more substantial, collectively bargained wage increases than what the company unilaterally decided to implement.

We have urged the company to end its unlawful conduct and demanded to bargain over its changes to our working conditions.

As always, we urge you to stay safe and remain strong!

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