Unity in Copper: Asarco's Initial Economic Proposal is Insulting

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We were scheduled to meet with the company on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. The company cancelled our meeting on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday afternoon the company gave us their first economic proposal. This initial proposal had no wage increases and significant changes to the healthcare and benefits plans. Instead of including a proposal on the Copper Price Bonus they left it simply as “TBD”.  They also proposed that the union withdraw all of its proposals with the exception of TAs that have already been agreed to and that the union accept all open proposals from the company. We made it clear to the company that this initial proposal is insulting and far from what our members deserve. 

We know that without appropriate wage increases and protections it will be difficult for the company to retain a skilled and talented workforce that can operate efficiently and safely. 

The union has requested key information from the company. Getting this information is an important part of the negotiation process. 

We will keep you posted on future meeting dates. In the meantime, keep working and stay safe.